Festival style emits from Coachella each year, however homogenised it has now become. At risk of losing it’s cool through popular consumption in equal measure to say James Blake for example, Coachella welcomes familiar faces and the public to enjoy the frivolities of a pre-summer fiesta. This year in particular less emphasis has been expressed to the live musical aspects of Coachella, and more so to the wardrobe choices (to which online retailers have revelled). Privileged guests attended a VIP pool party at Revolve House with a champagne reception on entry. Coachella

The modern remake of cult classic sci-fi Ghost In Shell premiered in Paris with stars from the movie, Scarlett Johansson and Adwoa Aboah opting for bold wardrobe choices. Whilst the original feature length anime movie came out in 1995 (ten years after the first Terminator film, and four years before the first Matrix film) a lot of the concepts and technological advancements are either possible or on the verge of existence today. Fans of the original and those new to Ghost In The Shell will marvel at this blockbuster as Scarlett Johansson

A rock and roll musical set to the music of Meat Loaf. An unlikely cocktail of nostalgia, teenage rebellion and rip-roaringly fantastic vocals. The choreography was to die for, and the set design was a tremendous feat in itself. The strings of a giant guitar morphed into a bedroom scene, a dining table converted into a convertible and remote control bats flew out into the audience amongst other landmark set triumphs. Andrew Polec soared as Strat, and the outfits (and often lack of) were right up my street. Danielle Steers’ vocals as Zahara gave

The live action re-make of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has caused a stir, not least for daring to recreate such a beloved classic, but also for the latest twist in the tale; portraying a character as gay. The latter has caused censorship controversy in countries such as Malaysia where it is still illegal to show gay characters in a positive light. Whether intentional or not for the purposes of sensationalist headlines, the fact remains that light is being shone on how far LGBT rights still have to go. Nonetheless let’s not

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