Asami Zdrenka, Shereen Cutkelvin, Amira McCarthy and Jessica Kate Plummer, collectively known as Neon Jungle have taken the pop world by storm. Four fierce young ladies with an attitude that airs similarities reminiscent of the early Spice Girls submerged with a unique sense of style that rivals that of Girls Aloud during their peak.

When you think of reggae music in the UK, you think of Aswad; a band akin with black culture. Aswad connected to audiences by creating an identity for youths in England whose parents had come from the Caribbean. Their most famous record to date Don’t Turn Around shot to number 1 in the UK and New Zealand in 1988. Set to perform at this year’s MVISA’s, Jsky chats exclusively to band member Tony Robinson. How does it feel to be performing at the 8th Annual MVSIA Award Show? Anytime we get

Extreme weather warnings did not discourage the crowds. Tens of thousands of revellers descended upon Heaton Park for what was one of the biggest Parklife line-ups to date. We queued in the rain for about an hour, even with our press privileges, and initially struggled to get backstage into the artist village due to a breakdown in communication with the security on site. Despite all of this, however, that first rush of blood and tangible trepidation met upon those first steps on the muddy fields was ignited with each rapturous

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