Katy Perry Style: Chained To The Rhythm

She calls it purposeful pop, but doesn’t all pop serve a purpose? Or is she merely downplaying her previous iterations in an attempt to self magnify her latest creation?

But alas, she does deliver in the style stakes. Teamed with copious levels of double entendre throughout, visually immersive sets and an array of scenes more colourful than a creative’s Pinterest account. Built from the ground up like a modern day musical equipped with the amalgamations of a theme park and the American Dream.

Metallics, pastel colours and rafts of 80s imagery and technological advancements. Casual references to the monotony of everyday life triviality and finding inspiration in a moving picture are some of this videos stand out moments. There are mixed messages a plenty, but the wardrobe choices are bold and brilliant.

Katy Perry – Chained to the Rhythm [out now]

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