Exclusive Interview: Wretch 32

Wretch 32, born Jermaine Scott Sinclair has carved his way onto the UK music Hip Hop scene with a string of hits including Don’t Go featuring Josh Kumra. An inspiration to many, Wretch 32 has overcome homelessness and unemployment with dignity and humility. His lyrics are both smart and engaging, and his delivery is precise.

From humble beginnings Wretch has managed to survive in the unpredictable world that is the UK Hip Hop scene, captivating audiences with high energy in his performances. Naturally all fathers are role models albeit, good or bad. Wretch 32, nonetheless, is a well-respected individual with an intelligent grasp of what it takes to stay on top. We caught up with Wretch 32 backstage at Parklife Festival 2013 for an exclusive interview.

What have you made of Heaton Park then – have you been before?

I haven’t, you know. It’s my first time. I’ve literally just got here though. I was just over there watching Toddla T and Shola Ama. I’ve been here for about 10 minutes, but it’s looking great man! Good field, good food…good girls! The ladies are crazy! They’ve really dressed up today; I love that.

Is there anyone that you are most looking forward to seeing?

Example headlining…that’s a massive look! I’ve been a person that’s been around and seen him go from strength to strength; from the bottom up basically. And obviously Rita Ora, she’s gorgeous as hell.

A lot of people respect you because of your work ethic. Is there anything that you could pass onto people that look up to you and want to make it in the music industry?

If we’re going to talk about work ethic I’d say…I watched a documentary on Rihanna, and she didn’t look like she’d slept throughout the whole thing. So what I took from that was…if she’s up there, and I’m down here, and she’s not sleeping then the more I sleep the wider the gap. In order for me to get closer to her I need to sleep less and work harder. That’s really how you’ve got to look at it. If the people in their league that are at the top are not sleeping, you need to be going in!

Having said that, would you choose to have a day off and what would you do with one?

I have the odd day off with the kids but to be fair your day off always turns into work somehow. Like I’ll start listening to music or researching, listening to beats or on Twitter replying to fans.

We got to interview Josh Kumra in our last issue of La Vida Magazine and he described working with you as an amazing experience. What was it like for you?

You know what, he’s incredible man. Josh is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met! I’ve said it from the beginning and I will not change that sentence. He’s ice cool. Make sure you get Josh Kumra’s album, it’s out now!

Well, we’re all looking forward to your new album. Is there any track in particular that you’re most excited about or that sticks in your head the most? I know what it’s like when you’re in the studio, there’s always that one gem that you are most passionate about.

I really like one record called Run, and then I’ve another record called Flat Line. They’re very different, but I just hope people really feel those ones.

Fashion wise, people wear all sorts to festivals. Is there anything you’ve seen where you’ve thought, “What is going on over there!”?

You know when I first saw this whole welly thing, with the shorts…you know like when girls do the wellies with the shorts, I was like what the hell is this about?! But then I saw the vision and I said, you know what, that’s hard. So that went from bad to amazing in my eyes.

Watch: Full exclusive interview below!

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