Exclusive Interview: Lawson

Lawson are Andy Brown (vox/guitar), Joel Peat (lead guitar), Adam Pitts (drums), and Ryan Fletcher (bass). Respectively from Liverpool, Mansfield, Brighton and Chesterfield, Lawson began life in 2009.

From a hospital ward to four sold out tours, from Youtube videos recorded in a kitchen to recording an album in LA with a Grammy Award winning producer, Lawson’s is a tale of triumph over adversity. The London-based four-piece only released their first single in 2012 but already they’ve had three Top Five hits and a Top Ten debut album, ‘Chapman Square’.

‘Chapman Square’, the address of the flat where the foursome came together, is where the majority of their songs were written and also the spot where Andy lived with his ex-girlfriend. Indeed, that very relationship is the inspiration behind a lot of their songs. “The name means so much to us, it’s where we really came together as a band,” explains drummer Adam Pitts. “We all used to crash at Andy’s place on Chapman Square when we first came to London. It’s where Andy was living with his girlfriend at the time, who a number of the songs were actually written about.”

Lawson are no strangers to live performances. From touring pubs of the UK, they have now had four sold out tours and kicked off 2013 with a worldwide tour across America, Asia and Australasia.  They have sold out shows in LA and New York without even announcing a release.

We catch up with Lawson backstage at Key103’s Jingleball 2013 for an exclusive interview.


Your new song is doing really well. How did that come about because it has quite a distinctive sound?

[Ryan Fletcher] We went back and took inspiration from our roots. Andy wrote the song and it’s very much like Sting and The Police and those early things you listen to growing up that you take influence from. We just kind of wrote from that really and based the song around it as a band, and it just naturally progressed from there.


You guys have literally been making a buzz around the scene for about a year and a bit now. It feels like 2014 is going to be a massive year for Lawson, but what are you most excited about?

[Adam Pitts] We are really excited about getting going with the new album, which will be great fun. The album should push us to the next level and keep the buzz growing.


I take it the girls are getting a lot crazier. How’s that been for you?

[Andy Brown] It’s great. We love girls, so that’s always a good thing. But we also like guys, so it’s good when guys go crazy. Generally as audience is starting to progress it becoming a lot more mixed, like 50/50 guys and girls. It’s good to see everyone in the crowd really going for it; it’s what we love.


So what was on your Christmas list then?

[Joel Peat] Do you know what, I didn’t really ask for anything. I was just looking forward to chilling with the family, seeing my cousin and my sister, and all that business, so yeah it was really good.


You recently performed at Key103’s Jingleball 2013 alongside some big names. What other artists from the line-up were you really looking forward to seeing?

[Adam Pitts] We got to see Robbie Williams, which was absolutely incredible as he’s one of our idols. It was a great swing set and we will be coming down to see his tour. We’re also good friends with The Vamps. They’re fantastic!

[Ryan Fletcher] I’ll tell you who I wanted to see…Jason Derulo.

[Adam Pitts] Can we talk about how good his song is…Ridin’ Solo…

[Ryan Fletcher] I wonder if he’s Ridin’ Solo now…


What message would you like to leave to your Twitter followers?

[Adam Pitts] We just want to say thank you for all your support for 2014 and for the last year and a half building the buzz. Let’s keep it going and make it an even stronger 2014 guys.

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