Exclusive Interview: Chelsee Healey

Jsky Meets Chelsee Healey

Actress Chelsee Healey, best known for her 6 years spent on popular BBC series Waterloo Road as Janeece Bryant, and widely renown for her success as runner up in the 9th series of Strictly Come Dancing.

It is the day of her photoshoot upstairs at The Living Room, Manchester. Gorgeous Couture have provided the dresses, and Fatz K has created custom pieces of intricate jewellery to embellish each look.

Currently battling an onslaught of disparaging press regarding her bold sense of style, Chelsee Healey speaks exclusively to WorldofJsky.com about her journey, and what’s to come.

What was it like being on the hit BBC Three comedy series Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps?

Two Pints of Lager was good. I really enjoyed doing that. The script was really funny too, and we had a laugh. We got to do it in front of a live audience as well.

You spent 6 years of your life working on Waterloo Road. What was that like?

Waterloo Road… I grew up doing that. I had some of the best times of my life filming Waterloo Road. I met some great people and it was a lot of fun. And you know what…if it wasn’t a lot of fun, they wouldn’t have kept me for 6 years! I enjoyed it a lot and we all got on well. I keep in touch with some of them [the cast], not all of them though…but that’s just because everyone goes on to do their own thing. I keep in touch with a few.

Your episode of Celebrity Juice was hilarious. Keith Lemon is quite a character…

Keith is really funny. He wanted me to do his new show, that Lemon La Vida Loca, but I was rehearsing for the Queen’s Jubilee at the time with Strictly [Strictly Come Dancing] so I couldn’t do it. I was gutted, and now it’s come on tele I wish I could have done it. Before the show [Celebrity Juice] he was in character; he was being Keith Lemon, which is really funny because his wife in real life is his make up artist on the show. After the show when we had a little drink he was Lee Francis. I thought it was really funny how he was getting into character before the show and then after he was his complete self. [So what is Lee Francis really like?] He’s really quiet actually. He’s lovely, but he’s a lot quieter. He’s nothing like you would expect having seen him as Keith Lemon, but he is amazing. He’s a really nice guy.

Strictly Come Dancing was huge success for you. You really did Manchester proud.

Aww thanks Jay!

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