Built upon 5 years of industry experience WorldofJsky.com is your new home for all things synonymous with  Jsky; fashion, music and celebrity entertainment. Former E4 blogger, fashion editor and friend to stars Jsky has interviewed everyone from Wil.I.Am to Mark Ronson, and has received encouraging words from the associate editor of GQ Magazine Robert Johnson and Nicole Scherzinger, to name but a few. His previous blog received in excess of 200,000 unique hits and his YouTube channel has over 400,000 total video views. Jsky has featured in advertisement campaigns for Adidas, Puma, Reebok and Selfridges and has hosted events held by Vogue Magazine, Mercedes Benz, and Manchester United Football Club. Regularly labelled a fashionista and more recently a fashion guru, his unique sense of style has put him on the map and made him a prevalent feature on various Best Dressed lists.
“Everything changed once I started watering my own garden…”